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Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean theory of Atlantis is distinct from region specific theories within the Atlantic, such as Greenland, the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, and Spartel Bank as it points to the region as a whole with few specifics.

The Atlantic Ocean is the world's second-largest ocean covering a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres, or 41,100,000 square miles. This translates to approximately twenty percent of the Earth's surface. The name is derived from Greek mythology, and means the "Sea of Atlas". When Plato wrote of the Ocean of Atlantis it's thought that he was referring to the Atlantic. In Ancient Greek the terms "Ocean" and "Atlas" both referred to the 'Giant Water' which surrounded the known world. The name Atlas was also applied to the Atlas mountains in North Africa which also denoted the end of the known world.

In 1665, Mundus Subterraneus was published in Amsterdam, featuring Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, which he had placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with little reference to actual islands or geological features.


1110 Honorius Augustodunensis (1080-1151) Atlantic Ocean
1584 Justus Lipsius Atlantic Ocean
? Andreas Cellarius (1596-1665) Atlantic Ocean
1624 Philipp Clüver Atlantic Ocean
1664Athanasius Kircher Atlantic Ocean
1670 Johann C. Becmann Atlantic Ocean
? Charles de Brosses (1709-1777) Atlantic Ocean
? Guillaume T. F. Raynal (1713-1796) Atlantic Ocean
1717 Joseph Pitton de Tournefort Atlantic Ocean
1721 Cotton Mather Atlantic Ocean
1729 Charles César Baudelot de Dairval Atlantic Ocean
1767 Samuel Engel Atlantic Ocean
1787 L.C. Cadet de Gassicourt Atlantic Ocean
1787 Edme Mentelle Atlantic Ocean
1788 Giovanni Rinaldo Carli Atlantic Ocean
1797 Jean-Claude Delaméthrie Atlantic Ocean
1810 Andre-Pierre Ledru Atlantic Ocean
1829 J. H. McCullohAtlantic Ocean
1843 J. F. JoliboisAtlantic Ocean
1853 Edward ForbesAtlantic Ocean
1860 Franz Joseph UngerAtlantic Ocean
1861 Henry DavisAtlantic Ocean
1863 Edward Taylor FletcherAtlantic Ocean
1869 Paul GaffarelAtlantic Ocean
1875 L.M. HoseaAtlantic Ocean
1884 A. E. D’AlbertisAtlantic Ocean
1884 W. S. BlackettAtlantic Ocean
1885 Auguste NicaiseAtlantic Ocean
1893 Patroclus Kampanakis Atlantic Ocean
1903R.F. Scharff Atlantic Ocean
1911Marion McMurrough Mulhall Atlantic Ocean
1912Pierre Termier Atlantic Ocean
1914José Maria Pereira de Lima Atlantic Ocean
1919John Henry Vignaud Atlantic Ocean
1920René-Maurice Gattefossé Atlantic Ocean
1920Karl Georg Zschaetzsch Atlantic Ocean
1924Lewis Spence Atlantic Ocean
1924Roger Dévigne Atlantic Ocean
1924Friedrich Wencker-WildbergAtlantic Ocean
1928Paul Couissin Atlantic Ocean
1932Rafael Requena Atlantic Ocean
1933Herbert Edward Forrest Atlantic Ocean
1933João de Almeida Atlantic Ocean
1935D.I.Mushketov Atlantic Ocean
1936Pierre BuffaultAtlantic Ocean
1937James BramwellAtlantic Ocean
1938John Foster ForbesAtlantic Ocean
1939Robert Stacy-Judd Atlantic Ocean
1940George Isaac BryantAtlantic Ocean
1940Alexander BraghineAtlantic Ocean
1946Harold Augustin CalahanAtlantic Ocean
1948Hans Schindler BellamyAtlantic Ocean
1948Hans PeterssonAtlantic Ocean
1948M.V.KlenovaAtlantic Ocean
1949Egerton SykesAtlantic Ocean
1949Nikola BonevAtlantic Ocean
1951René MalaiseAtlantic Ocean
1952A.N.NazarovichAtlantic Ocean
1956Maria LamasAtlantic Ocean
1958Charles HapgoodAtlantic Ocean
1960José Álvarez López Atlantic Ocean
1963Marcel Homet Atlantic Ocean
1963Leonardo BettiniAtlantic Ocean
1968William R. FixAtlantic Ocean
1969Peter Kolosimo Atlantic Ocean
1969L. Taylor Hansen Atlantic Ocean
1974Anthony RobertsAtlantic Ocean
1974Robert CharrouxAtlantic Ocean
1975Louis CharpentierAtlantic Ocean
1976Juan G. AtienzaAtlantic Ocean
1976Albert SlosmanAtlantic Ocean
1976Otto MuckAtlantic Ocean
1978Manfred HockeAtlantic Ocean
1978George FirmanAtlantic Ocean
1978Gerd von HasslerAtlantic Ocean
1979R. Cedric LeonardAtlantic Ocean
1980Giuseppe AlaimoAtlantic Ocean
1983Vassilios PaschosAtlantic Ocean
1986Andrzej MarksAtlantic Ocean
1985Ronnie AlonzoAtlantic Ocean
1989Silvio ValeriAtlantic Ocean
1991Murry HopeAtlantic Ocean
1993Antonio ZichichiAtlantic Ocean
1995Nigel BlairAtlantic Ocean
1995Heinz KaminskiAtlantic Ocean
1996Angelo PitoniAtlantic Ocean
1997Roland M. HornAtlantic Ocean
1997Shirley AndrewsAtlantic Ocean
1997David FurlongAtlantic Ocean
1998Michael BaigentAtlantic Ocean
1998Jacques GossartAtlantic Ocean
1998Wolter SmitAtlantic Ocean
1998Vladimir PakhomovAtlantic Ocean
1999Vittorio CastellaniAtlantic Ocean
1999Daniel FleckAtlantic Ocean
1999Herbie BrennanAtlantic Ocean
1999Lucien GeradinAtlantic Ocean
2001Jörg DendlAtlantic Ocean
2001Gerry ForsterAtlantic Ocean
2002Dean ClarkeAtlantic Ocean
2004Alexander VoroninAtlantic Ocean
2005Carlos BarcelóAtlantic Ocean
2006Marco Guido CorsiniAtlantic Ocean
2007Axel FamigliniAtlantic Ocean
2008Theodoros V. PaschosAtlantic Ocean
2009Pier Paolo SabaAtlantic Ocean
2009Joseph Robert Jochmans Atlantic Ocean
2009Richard W. WelchAtlantic Ocean
2010Eduardo MiquelAtlantic Ocean
2011Brien Foerster Atlantic Ocean
2012 Manuel Vega Atlantic Ocean
2013 Skender Hushi Atlantic Ocean

Factors in choosing the Atlantic Ocean


  • Does sit beyond the traditional Pillars of Hercules.
  • Does have volcanic activity along the mid-Atlantic ridge.


  • Few, if any specifics.



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