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Josephine Seamount

In 2003, Paulo Riven, a Portuguese independent researcher, contented that Atlantis was located on the Josephine Seamount in the Atlantic Ocean, directly opposite the Strait of Gibraltar. Riven contends that there was an initial catastrophe in 6482 BCE, with Atlantis finally destroyed in 3926 BCE. His also contends that the Maya and other native American tribes descend from the survivors.

About the Josephine Seamount

The Josephine Seamount (36°40’N / 14°15’W), located in the Horse-shoe Seamount Group of the Atlantic Ocean, is an area of approximately 19,370 km2 and is a component of the OSPAR Network of Marine Protected Areas. Located to the east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, between Madeira and mainland Portugal, it rises to within 170m of the surface.

The Josephine seamount is the tallest feature of the Madeira-Tore Rise, a submarine ridge in the central east Atlantic. Discovered in 1869, it might have been the first seamount recognized as a direct result of oceanic explorations.


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